eidon uses an electronic identity document to verify and authenticate users.
Mobile Virtual Identity, automatic on-boarding and checking-in

e-id, e-passport

eidon readis and verifies electronic passports and electronic identity cards by using NFC

face recognition

eidon uses face recognition with our advanced liveness detection system to verify the identity of document holder.


eidon is suitable for any mobile authenticated onboarding workflow and in any case where strong indentification is needed.


eidon supplies an SDK for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS-X.
The SDK allows embedding eidon technology in any app

optical and nfc SCANning

e-id and e-passport

eidon supports any electronic identity document compliant with ICAO specifications.
It is compliant with the most of the new european electronic identity cards and electornic passport from all over the world. 

liveness detection SYSTEM

Face Recognition

eidon uses face recognition to verify the identity of document holder.
Our advanced liveness detection system alllows recognizing the most common presentation attacks performed by using photographies, videos and masks.

verified and trusted cardholder info

authenticated onboarding

eidon can be embedded in any mobile onboarding workflow and can help in any scenario where strong user indentification is needed. After authentication eidon returns the verified and trusted cardholder information read from the e-document 

for third party apps

eidon SDK 

eidon SDK allows embedding the functions supplied by eidon app in any third party app in a very easy way.
Third party app can be:
1) Native iOS or Android App
2) Ibrid iOS or Android App
3) WebApp running in the mobile browser
4) Desktop applications